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Tim Palmer / JMPSTRT Project Interiors / Principal / Tempe, Arizona

I formed JMPSTRT Project Interiors in 2008, following 13 years of commercial design interiors, resulting in a solid portfolio of award winning design projects. For as long as I can remember, I noticed design in just about everything, actually in fact, the design of everything. For me, pursuit of happiness involves the senses' exposure and reaction to design. I view design as an immense contribution to life, as well as a focus, challenge and personal direction.

My foundation in the design field took several twists and turns. I spent a number of years in the Fine Jewelry arena, classically trained in metalsmithing of gold, silver and gemstones. The jewelry field afforded me the opportunity to learn the interaction of materials, with precision results of creations in design with impact. This, however, as careers go, was not a stopping place.

With travel, I later found myself in the luxury hotel and hospitality field, enjoying the art and delivery of service. New materials were used to create thematic events, including the fine art of food presentation and the creation of place as destination. During 16 enjoyable years in the hospitality field, my design skills were broadened and honed.

With a conscious decision, I satisfied my yearning to formalize my affinity to design with the study of Commercial Interiors and Architecture. Reveling in design history, I discovered the sense of place. A confluence of employment background and education brought me to a career fulfillment, wherein I paid homage to the inspiration of space and the role of materials and their impact. My reward was true delight in the creative process.

My home and cherished gardens bring both escape and my personal sense of place.

All of the above has brought individuals, situations and excitement into my life. With that said, just maybe it's time to write a novel. They say that a novel exists in each of us and I know a cast of characters to tell a feisty tale.

Garden ThemingInterior Designer Contract Consultant
Thoma-Holec Design / Gold Canyon, AZ

Project Manager and Senior Interior Project Designer
SC Design Interiors / Phoenix, AZ

Senior Interior Project Designer
MGA Interiors and Graphics / Phoenix, AZ

Project Designer Contract Consultant
Hart Interior Design / Tempe, AZ

Project Designer
Habitat Design & Fabrication / Tempe, AZ

Primary project focus in the areas of:
*Corporate Interiors
*Senior Residential Communities
*Home Builder Design Options Centers
*Branded Sales & Marketing Environments
*Development Environmental Hardscaping